such a wonderful time of the year...

Jeremy let me decorate all I wanted for Christmas. So, I tackled the two most important: the tree and the mantel. Since we have a new little addition this year, I bought us new stockings:

I took Jeremy on his first adventure since he was little to pick out a REAL tree for Christmas. This year, we started our own tradition of picking out a tree to decorate. Here she was:

Keaton had her own ornament. Made by Meredith herself. :)
We had an elf as our tree topper.    


tracking our journey

During my twin sister's pregnancy, she took weekly pictures of her belly. I loved it. So, I've tried to capture my growing stomach as each week passes.  Here is the past 6 weeks:

Although they are taken with my phone and aren't as professional as hers... it still shows my belly growing. My pants are tighter and I hate to admit it, but maternity jeans just feel so much better than my real ones. My regular jeans still fit in my butt and thighs but do NOT feel comfortable around my belly. It's the weirdest feeling. My belly is so hard and the smallest amount of pressure on it makes me feel queasy. So, I've "sucked" it up and I sport the good ole' maternity jeans. NEVER thought I'd say those words... :)



On October 1, 2012 we found out we were expecting a little peanut. Although unexpected, we were still very excited to welcome this little bundle in June. 

We went a few days later to tell the parents. We were pleased to find out everyone was just as excited as we were. With all the excitement in the air, we could barely resist telling our close family and our friends. So, at almost 11 weeks, we announced with this: