Sweet love

This post is all about our weekend love. 

It began Saturday when Jeremy said we needed to go look for a new car. Although I was satisfied with the one I had, he wanted to get me something that was a little better on gas. So, we went looking ALL day and he got me this beauty...

A new mama car! I love the way he loves me. 

As our day wrapped up, we spent the rest of our afternoon with some friends and played in our closet with our new lumberjack lalaloopsy doll. 

I love the way she has taken to baby dolls. :)

On Sunday, as always we went to church. She was dressed in her little outfit she wore to our wedding. I love it. It was too precious not to wear again! 

And since she was so cute, I had to take one together. 

She even got in some of her JoJo lovin with Eli. 

We came back home and watched daddy and Pa clean up the cars, so we decided to make some fun of it...

We love weekends like these! 

And today... We've played hard with our bat and balls. :)

Here's to another week of sweet love and fun!



I love this time of year. The weather, the flowers, the excitement of almost summer... And of course... Easter! It was our first Easter with Miss. Keaton and it was fabulous! She knew just what to do with her little basket. Just pulled it all out and looked at everything. It was precious!

And like every Sunday, we dressed in our Sunday best and went to church... For girls first Easter service. 

Jeremy was even a sport and wore a matching tie. Yeah, we've got us a good one! 


We finally did it.

This past Saturday was a cold rainy day... But in all the nasty weather, Jeremy and I said our vows. We had been planning for months a "secret" wedding. We wanted something small but special to us. This was our day to finally make us "officially" or legally a family... All with the same last name. 

We fixed up his barn and had a small reception/after party. We ate oysters and a Beaufort stew. We had beautiful flower arrangements and a table set up with all mixed matched plates, silverware, linens, chargers, and napkin rings. It was very vintage. And I loved every bit of it. 

The only thing, is I have to wait for some pics. Until then, this is the only two I have. 

had planned to wear some heels and change into my new Jack Rogers I got just for the day... But with the rain and mud... Boots it shall be.

One thing we decided on instead of a unity candle or sand... We got Keaton her baby ring. Something for her to always have as a symbol of the day we ALL became a family. 

I  am still in awe over how this man has spoiled me. And today I look down at my hand and I am reminded of how excited I am be now called Mrs. Lindler. 

Now... To only make it official. To the DMV and social security office I go... :)


New toys

My babies enjoy their new toy. She just chilled, waved goodbye and they were off... They are almost inseparable. And I love it. 

We have a country girl born and raised. 


Straight cuteness.

Every day when my girl gets up (well, most days) she's in the best mood. I wish I woke up and approached life like she does: Care free. 

This morning, she woke up, we ate breakfast and changed clothes. Then, like always, she crawls over to the door and just babbles to herself. As if it's the greatest thing she's ever seen! 

And in all this cuteness, I grabbed her to take a picture. 

Ha. She looked at me with such a "mom, really!?!" face. Like she didn't want a picture with me!  But I didn't care. I snapped it anyway. Yes. I was that mom today. 

But tell me... When you have a tush like this... How can you not want to take a picture with that love bug???

On another note... I had to share more cuteness. Here is her Easter outfit and the awesome pic we took with our baby chicks. She couldn't decide if she liked them or not!! (:

Happy almost Easter! 


Early Easter

Next weekend is going to be so busy, so I decided to have some of our Easter fun this weekend. Saturday began our first egg dying experience. I would say with only one cup of dye to spill... It was a success. 

When we got done, we finally tackled her bedroom wall. Finally... We hung all the prints and "nick-nacks" that have been sitting on the floor. I love it. For now... (:

This one is my favorite:

We sang it at her baptism. (:

Today we went to Jojos (as always) and had a little Sunday fun. 

We got home and the Easter bunny decided to go ahead and fill her basket. He was even smart enough to know she gets to carry on the tradition of a swimsuit every year. Got to get her beach and lake ready! 

I can't wait for all that is to come...


This and that.

Well, we've been super busy the past few weekends and every night after work. And now, this upcoming week couldn't get here quick enough... SPRING BREAK I am so excited for your arrival. Then I can spend more time with my girl. 

In the past couple weeks we've joined the big kid club. We finally hold our own bottle. Something this lazy girl has found hard to do. Especially when it's easier to cry and have someone else do it for me. :)

Today, her Pa said she took two, yes, TWO steps of her own. All by her big girl self. Tear. 

Last Sunday, daddy got her her very own chainsaw. She wouldn't put it down. It was so sweet. Almost like she was proud to have one like her daddy. 

That weekend they were inseparable. He let her blow the horn in his trucks. 

And took walks together. 

He sure is good to us and we are blessed to have him around. :)