A few weeks ago, Erica and I loaded up my car with some outfits and a few ideas in mind. I knew I wanted my maternity pictures at Jeremy's house, since that is where we will be living, but I also wanted some in different places. Just unsure as to where. So, we (Meredith included) got in the car on a drizzling Sunday in about 45 degree weather and decided to "tough" it out. I was determined to get these done before 35+ weeks pregnant!

With three girls on a mission, an awesome photographer, a mobile wardrobe, and our creativity... here is what we accomplished in an hour:

 Those were at stops on the way to Pomaria. This old church is across the street from Jeremy's dad's church. It made a beautiful background.

 These were all done in Jeremy's field. He has such a beautiful place. I cannot wait to see Keaton's newborns in the same spot. :)

The "enchanted forest" found on the way to our house.

And the last set was at his house. His cedar trees. He found it crazy we even wanted pictures there, but look how wonderful they turned out. We had to REALLY con Jeremy to join in on all this fun. And yes, those were the ONLY two pictures we could really get him to participate in. He's beginning to understand our obsession with photos and the craziness we will do just to get a good picture. I think he secretly likes it. (:

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  1. The photos are absolutely gorgeous as always! Can't wait to see the little one. Much love.