Daddy love

Jeremy secretly likes to play with Keaton's toys just as much as she does. (:


The house.

Jeremy worked so hard to get the house finished before Keaton arrived. However, some things just didn't get done. But this week, we finally finished the tub! And I took my first bath that night. So excited! 

Here's the rest of the bathroom. 

The best part... My closet! 

Besides this room, the next place I love... mine and Keaton's laundry!
And here's our little piece of heaven. 

Not only is he a good daddy, but he's a good man. And he sure has spoiled me. 

3 month old booger

On the first of September, Keaton turned 3 months old. How time has already flown. We are so blessed to have such a sweet little booger. She continues to sleep through the night (with the except of a couple nights here and there) and she has begun to really giggle. I could eat her up!!!

This is a picture of her just after she rolled over for the first time yesterday (9.7). Once she discovered this cool move, she did it about 5 more times. She just smiled. Makes this mama very, VERY proud. Now, we're going to try sitting up with a little support. We will see... Here's to another month of Keaton lovin'. (:



Since her arrival, we have enjoyed watching our little girl grow. On Sunday, July 14th, we got to watch her grow with the Lord. We invited our family and friends to come be a part of Keaton's baptism. Here are a few pictures of her special day...

 This day was very special. Not only did she get dedicated to the Lord, but what she wore was also VERY special to me. She got to wear the dress I wore when I got baptized. My mom and JoJo (my grandma) made it for Erica and I. So, mom made Keaton a little slip to go under it that had both our names monogrammed with our dates we were baptized. Hopefully one day she can pass it down to her little girl. She also wore the shoes that Mrs. Ruth Koon made me for my baptism along with her pearls that her Pa and Grandma Nay gave her. 

It was a very special day for us and we were thankful everyone came to share it. :)


her arrival.

Well, it's been a while since I've updated our blog. And it could be that we have been slightly busy... to say the least.. Our little bundle joined us on June 1 and since then, we've been learning all about her. Here's a "snapshot" of her arrival.

Jeremy and I went into the hospital on Friday, May 31st at 5 am to get induced. We checked in, got our room, started IV's, began my pitocin and Dr. Guidice broke my water by 7 am. We started at 2 cm and we thought the ball was rolling. All morning, I kept having contractions but I wasn't making any progress.

So to "kill some time", we took pictures. Here we are waiting.

 The last time we're a family of two.
 Everyone was waiting. ME too!
 Jeremy's mom bought me a present for her birth day. She got me beads for my troll bracelet to remember this day.

I got Jeremy an iPad for his "daddy" present. So, we spent some of our "waiting time" playing with his new toy.

By this time, she kept dropping, but no dilation. By 6 pm, they finally gave me an epidural and we were trucking at 3 cm. However, we were still making NO progress. By 11 pm, our parents decided to go home and asked us to call them if anything began to happen. Erica decided to stay the night with us, just in case our sweet girl decided to come before anyone could arrive to take pictures. :)

So, we camped out... ALL night. By 6 am they told me we did not have a choice but to have a c-section. So, Jeremy suited up and I... cried. I was so exhausted and the last thing I wanted was a c-section, but all at the same time, I was excited. I knew she was moments away.

 So, the prepped me for "surgery" and we went into the OR.
 Everyone was out in the waiting room when Jeremy got to bring her out for everyone to see! He was so proud.

 She arrived Saturday, June 1st at 7:16 am. 8 lbs even. 21 inches long. Her poor head was so long from being in the birth canal for over 24 hours. Bless her heart.

 By 9 am, I finally got to hold that little bundle for the first time. I saw her for a short moment in the OR, but while I was in recovery, they let me {officially} meet my precious girl.

 I couldn't stop staring at her.

 We were ecstatic to have her a part of our little family. And the grandparents couldn't take their hands off her!

 I am so proud of the daddy Jeremy has become. He takes such good care of her (and me). People keep asking how Jeremy's adjusting and I must say... he's done pretty well. Of course I would brag on my own man, but for anyone who doesn't know him, he really is a good daddy.