Beach bum.

This past week, we did one of my favorite things. We packed our bags and headed to Edisto. My other home. (: 

There's just something about Edisto that I love. And I want Keaton to grow up loving it just as much! 

We started our trip visiting some friends of mine who were also down for the week. They had a beautiful place beach front with a pool. Keaton loved it! 

The next few days, we did what we do best. Enjoyed the beach!!! 

Each day she got so worn out. It's hard being 1 and playing all day. :)



How did it happen so fast? Our precious little girl is already one?

She enjoyed her day. She got her first birthday dinner at Jojos and got some presents:

Bob Bob and Pops gave her her first tractor. 

Bob Bob made her doll bedding:

And we got her the kitty and her water table. 

She's in heaven with all her new toys. Now, to celebrate this weekend!! Can't wait to see it all fall into place. :)