Weekends get me excited to spend time with my little booger. As soon as school gets out on Fridays, I can't wait to go grab her. Sometimes we go home just to play and sometimes we stop by Bob Bob and Pops house. When we go there, we get to play... Lakeside. And sometimes, land is what she prefers. Ha. 

The littlest ones playing in the seesaw. :)

They loved it. 

And you know your trip to Bob and Pops was successful when you end up like this. Mouth open. Paci out. Doll in hand. 

I love this girl more than she knows. 

And before we know it, we will be celebrating that she's 1! Can you believe it? One. Year. Old. How did this happen? 

We cannot wait to celebrate this little sweetie this weekend AND next weekend. :)


Summer days

Growing up on the lake, is something I've loved about my childhood. We used to spend every warm day on the lake, by the lake, in the lake, but always in a swimsuit. Our parents would have to make us come in at the end of the day. We would eat lunch and dinner on the dock. Sometimes even take baths in the lake. Now that Keaton is here, I want her to grow up loving the lake just as much as I have. So, it begins...

She loved riding on Bob Bob and Pops boat. Couldn't take her eyes off the water. 

Aunt CaCa loved on her. And waved to passing boats. 

She just chilled. It's like she was born to lay in the sun like her mama. 

Then, today, we stopped by my moms to see them for a little. We of course played outside by the lake because it was too beautiful to stay in. Keaton played on her 4wheeler and loved on Joanie's lalaloopsy doll. 

It didn't take long and she got stripped of her clothes and went to town in the water. Houston's army men are just too much fun. 

With all this fun, she still finds this to be more interesting:

No matter how hard I try to get her to be like me, she was born for the dirt, just like her daddy. :)


June bug

Well, Keaton got an early birthday present... Little June!!

They have been sweet friends ever since...

But after a little while, this happens...

Little do they know, they're going to be best friends...

Ah. Young love.