Showered with LOVE.

Well, this post is taking place at about 4:30 in the morning. Baby girl is kicking all around and will NOT sit still, which will not allow me to sleep. I've also come down with cold number 2 in the past 2 months and I cannot breathe through my nose. So, I decided to get up, blog, reply to emails, and finish my thank you cards from this past shower. Which has all now been completed but this post. So, here goes:

This past Saturday was our first shower and can I say, it was a HUGE success!! Brandy, Erica (my sisters), Megan, Teresa, Caroline, Lauren, and Meredith all went in together to shower Miss. Keaton with love. It was a beautiful day full of wonderful friends and family. Here are some pictures from the party.
 This was the welcome sign as you walked into the house. We also had her pink wooden initials hanging from the door with burlap. Precious.
 Erica plastered my maternity session all over the house (which will come on the blog soon). They also rolled up wash clothes like swirly suckers and stuck it in her orange owl vase. Yet again, precious.
 Erica had a brilliant idea to have Jeremy cut some of his cedar tree stumps and use it as bases to hold the food. It turned out so cute!
Teresa made a "height board" for us to mark how tall Keaton grows throughout the years. We have already thought of a perfect place for it in the "new addition" and I cannot wait to start marking away. Well, not too fast. I don't want to wish our years away. :)

Overall, everything was fabulous. I hate we did not get more pictures to show it off, but we do have the memories. :)

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