Day 2 snowed in!

So this morning I got texts from Erica and mom saying they had NO power. However we were thrilled to STILL have power! I rushed to get everyone (Jeremy's dad got stuck and spent the night!) fed this morning... I even fixed coffee! Then, this mama enjoyed a nice long hot shower. I wasn't sure how long our power would last if theirs went out and wanted to make sure I was clean! :)

As I was getting ready, I couldn't help but look out my window and see this.  I couldn't resist the beauty of outside. 

The pretty red bird outside. 

So, I made Jeremy suit up and come take pictures. 

We enjoyed the simplicity of it all. 

And listened to the limbs fall in the woods.  

Then daddy had a grand idea. We would go visit JoJo. And boy am I glad we did. The views were just beautiful. 

After Jojos, we made a trip to my parents to enjoy some sledding. It made me remember how much I loved it as a kid. And even now. :)

Today has been great. And yet again, I am always thankful for all of God's wonderful gifts. Especially when we make memories like these. 

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