check ups and such

Today was our 32 week check up. Everything looked great. He said I was measuring perfectly (his words), my weight looked perfect (his words) and her heartbeat was strong! He gave me an "A" for the day! We were pleased! We're in our 2 week check ups and will return at 34, 36, then we will begin scheduling our one week appointments. Eeek. Exciting! The countdown is on!

Since we were already downtown, we went ahead and took a "tour" of the hospital to see where we need to check-in when the time comes. It made me feel more comfortable that Jeremy knows what to do and where to go. He still jokes that we are doing this old school style at his house... Um, I DON'T THINK SO! Ha. 

Here is our 32 week belly picture (plus a little/big bikini shot):

This past Sunday, I went out on the lake with my parents. They just purchased a new pontoon to house all SIX of their grandchildren and have more room for the kids to play on the boat in the summer. So, they took me on a stroll this past Sunday before I went back to work (from spring break). There's just something about a peaceful stroll on Lake Murray when the weather is just right and the sunset looks like this...

Yesterday (4.9) was Cooper's FIRST birthday. I cannot believe the little booger is already one. It seems like yesterday we were anxiously waiting at the hospital for his arrival. Saturday (4. 6), Megan and Spenser had a wonderful 1st birthday part for him. Megan, of course, had it planned to the T. Everything was perfect. The food, the cake, the decorations, and the weather. Coop really enjoyed his day!

And we enjoyed watching him eat his cake! :)

All of this excitement gets me ready for Keaton. I cannot wait to see how she looks when arrives and how she grows over the next year. It's going to be so much fun growing into a family with her and Jeremy. He has been getting good at holding Joanie and playing with her. I think he was nervous at first with the thought of a wee little one. Especially when he feels much more comfortable doing this:

He is going to be a good daddy and I cannot wait to see him play with her like he does our nieces and nephews. (:



Well, the past few weeks we've been working on things to get ready for Keaton. One of the biggest projects, the addition to Jeremy's house. I must say, he's worked very hard to get it moving along and sometimes I feel like I am of NO help what-so-ever. He has been so patient with me in guiding me on what I need to do to pick things out or get things ordered, etc. I've never built a house before, so I don't even have a clue where to begin.

This week was my spring break (whoop whoop). In years past it was spent at the beach or being lazy of some form. This year, VERY different. I mean, completely different. It has been spent preparing for Keaton and running errands for this house. I've picked out my vanity mirror, lights for the bathroom and foyer, looked at fans, organized Keaton's clothes into boxes so it's accessible when we need them, painted her cradle, picked out her dresser color to get ready to paint, looked at wall color for the addition, and I am currently in the process of moving in my kitchen things. Whew. Not to mention, the other every day life things that need to happen in the midst of all that. Fun, huh?

Well, with all that excitement the end of this week brought TWO big things accomplished:

1. We have windows, a roof and almost all the side of the house put on the addition (along with the plumbing and electrical work they've done):

2. Her cradle is painted, which is most likely what she'll be in the first few weeks when we bring her home if the house isn't finished:
A finished product will be posted. No worries. :)

Until next time... I hope to update with a lot more exciting progress in the upcoming weeks.



 A few weeks ago, Erica and I loaded up my car with some outfits and a few ideas in mind. I knew I wanted my maternity pictures at Jeremy's house, since that is where we will be living, but I also wanted some in different places. Just unsure as to where. So, we (Meredith included) got in the car on a drizzling Sunday in about 45 degree weather and decided to "tough" it out. I was determined to get these done before 35+ weeks pregnant!

With three girls on a mission, an awesome photographer, a mobile wardrobe, and our creativity... here is what we accomplished in an hour:

 Those were at stops on the way to Pomaria. This old church is across the street from Jeremy's dad's church. It made a beautiful background.

 These were all done in Jeremy's field. He has such a beautiful place. I cannot wait to see Keaton's newborns in the same spot. :)

The "enchanted forest" found on the way to our house.

And the last set was at his house. His cedar trees. He found it crazy we even wanted pictures there, but look how wonderful they turned out. We had to REALLY con Jeremy to join in on all this fun. And yes, those were the ONLY two pictures we could really get him to participate in. He's beginning to understand our obsession with photos and the craziness we will do just to get a good picture. I think he secretly likes it. (:


31 weeks & thank you's

So, as I sit and continue to rummage through all the things I still have yet to post, I think I'll make a second post... since this girl still has not calmed down enough to let me rest. Ha.

A few weeks ago, Erica took a couple pictures of me to design thank you cards for my upcoming showers. I said I would share as soon as I had them, so, here they are!!! :)
I know the picture does not do it justice, but it is absolutely adorable. So, for now, you'll have to wait and get one in the mail to get the full appeal.

And for now, here's our 31 week picture:
This belly sure is growing. I've started having Braxton Hicks contractions pretty regularly since Saturday. I've been trying to take it easy, but when you're adding on to a house, preparing for a baby, and trying to do normal daily things, it's just hard to sit down with my feet up. Plus, I'm such a "busy body" that I can't just sit. Oh well... I guess I better enjoy the "relaxing" while I still can. :)

Showered with LOVE.

Well, this post is taking place at about 4:30 in the morning. Baby girl is kicking all around and will NOT sit still, which will not allow me to sleep. I've also come down with cold number 2 in the past 2 months and I cannot breathe through my nose. So, I decided to get up, blog, reply to emails, and finish my thank you cards from this past shower. Which has all now been completed but this post. So, here goes:

This past Saturday was our first shower and can I say, it was a HUGE success!! Brandy, Erica (my sisters), Megan, Teresa, Caroline, Lauren, and Meredith all went in together to shower Miss. Keaton with love. It was a beautiful day full of wonderful friends and family. Here are some pictures from the party.
 This was the welcome sign as you walked into the house. We also had her pink wooden initials hanging from the door with burlap. Precious.
 Erica plastered my maternity session all over the house (which will come on the blog soon). They also rolled up wash clothes like swirly suckers and stuck it in her orange owl vase. Yet again, precious.
 Erica had a brilliant idea to have Jeremy cut some of his cedar tree stumps and use it as bases to hold the food. It turned out so cute!
Teresa made a "height board" for us to mark how tall Keaton grows throughout the years. We have already thought of a perfect place for it in the "new addition" and I cannot wait to start marking away. Well, not too fast. I don't want to wish our years away. :)

Overall, everything was fabulous. I hate we did not get more pictures to show it off, but we do have the memories. :)