fancy straps

A couple years ago, I had a family friend (Nikki) make me a camera strap. She did a fabulous job and I LOVED it. But over the years, it's gotten a little wear and tear on it. Not to mention... a little dingy looking from all love, sweat, and tears. Ha.

So, about a month ago (maybe more) I started a hunt for a new camera strap. I was looking for something fun, of course, but with more padding, a holder for my camera lens, and for it to be longer. I found something but like most things... it was back ordered for about a month. In fact, I kind of forgot about it until this fabulous-ness came in the mail today:

I am so excited to use it. Especially now that baby girl is on the way. I know my "big" camera will get pulled out a lot more frequently than it has in the past couple months. :)

Now, I have to convince Jeremy that it's co-ed... I mean, it is blue....

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