Spring fever!

Yesterday I went through all of Keaton's 12-18 month clothes, put up the 3-6 that no longer fits and reorganized 6-9. Talk about organized chaos!!! I'm just glad it's all hung up and put away for the next couple months. 

Well, as I was pulling out the 12-18 clothes, I couldn't help but get giddy and anxious to put her in them. They were so stinking precious.  

Until the spring time clothes come out, I'll settle for sweet spring pjs. :)

We got these just for daddy. Who requests zippers and NO snaps. I don't blame him anyway!! 

Happy Thursday. Hope you've enjoyed the snow!


Snow day!

This morning, I woke up to this beautiful view. I always feel like I'm in the mountains at our house but today... It certainly looked like it! 
So when we all got up and moving, we got our little bear dressed and ready for the snow. 
And her and her daddy headed out for a little while. They let mama get laundry done, pack for the mountains and reorganize Keaton's closet to get ready for the spring. 

Do the look alike? (:

Although she's had a blast, we're ending our day cutting teeth. 100.6 fever and fussy. My poor baby crawled over to me laid her sweet head on my leg and laid there for a minute. So I picked her up and rocked her. Fell fast asleep. Only problem, she doesn't want to be put down. Getting teeth is so hard. 

Now we are anxiously awaiting to hear if mama has to work tomorrow. Keeping those fingers crossed for one more day to love on my little one. (:


Cousin love

This picture just shows how much they all love each other. 
Today, we are thankful for such a wonderful family and the sweet cousins who get to grow up together. 

Can't wait for a weekend in the mountains with this crew!


Precious moments.

She melts my heart. 

Last weekend we spent all Saturday together. We celebrated Houston's 4th birthday and the arrival of sweet baby Ellis. Days like that make me appreciate our time together. Before we know it, she'll be driving out the drive way. 

Slow down baby girl. Your growing WAY too fast!! 

into everything

Our girl has certainly grown a LOT since my last post. She's learned how to crawl, pull up, and her latest... Get down from where she pulled up to move to the next place. She's a BUSY body!! 
After she pulled out Tupperware, she loved to the table to do this. 
She pushes the chairs out the way so she can crawl underneath. She'll just laugh. Gosh I love that little girl!!!