todays adventures and random rants

At our last appointment with the OB, I got to chug down the oh-so-wonderful sugar drink for the glucose test. My appointment was at 3:15 pm and I thought I would be okay to eat like I normally do (which is what they tell you to do). I rolled up in there, pricked my finger and FAILED.

So, today... I am hanging out in the Quest Diagnostics office for the next 3-4 hours taking my second glucose test. You are supposed to fast for 12-8 hours before hand and I cannot eat between them taking my blood, but I am already STARVING. To keep my mind off it, I brought plenty to keep me occupied in between them drawing my blood. Report cards. Yipeeee.

I've also been fighting a sinus infection for the last 2 weeks, so this afternoon... I get to go to my regular doctor to {hopefully} get some medicine to make it go away. Doctors. Doctors and more Doctors...

I'm a little excited about today because Jeremy and I are taking time to pick out all my bathroom stuff. The toilet, shower, tub, sink, etc. I can't wait to see it all put together!! Still crossing my fingers the addition will be done before Miss. Keaton arrives. We will see...

This past Sunday Erica took my picture to make some thank you cards for my upcoming showers. Here's my 29 week photos:

I cannot wait to show you what the cards are going to look like. They are awesome!!! As always. :)
Thanks Billingsley Desgins!

When Erica was pregnant, we took twin pictures of her growing belly and mine staying the same. We would hold a sign that said "____ weeks and ____ week Aunt". This time, we get to show my growing bump, Erica slimming down, and Joanie's growing little personality. Here is our twin 29 week picture:

Hopefully we will remember to do more over the next couple of weeks!! :)


We have WALLS

Today was the best SURPRISE in a while... we got WALLS. Well, not full walls, but the beginnings to walls!!!! And if you knew the process we've been taking... these are HUGE steps into getting this product finished!

 I woke up this morning disappointed as I listened to the rain on the roof, thinking, another day down with no work done. BUT thankfully, the sun came out and Jeremy's boys worked hard to get this done:
 It will have another entry way with closet, small room/office with closet, and our master suite! Yes, I just said closet in every part of this addition. If you saw the storage now... we currently have ONE, yes, ONE closet. No pantry. No linen closet. No coat closet. None of that. So, I'm trying to make it up in every way possible! :)
 Here is the entry to our bedroom! Eventually it will have beautiful french doors to lead the way into our master suite that will overlook his barn and fields! Ah. :)
I love productive days like today. I'm hoping for many more.


build me up

We have wood!!! Crossing our fingers they will begin to frame it up this week... :) So far, the weather has begun to cooperate and it looks to be sunny days in the forecast. Yay!
 Yesterday, I was surprised with a package and it had this beauty inside:
My Uncle Eddie's sister (Linda) made this for Keaton. It is so pretty and I couldn't wait to share. Thanks Linda and Roland! We can't wait to bundle her up in it when she arrives. And I'm sure Erica will love it just as much because it will most likely be used for a photo prop! Ha.


27 weeks

Well, this week begins our 27th week and we couldn't be more excited. Not much has changed. She still moves so much and watching Jeremy's face when he sees her move, is priceless. It's amazing how this whole process works and still baffles my mind that I have a little one growing inside me. I can't wait to see her beautiful little face.

Next week, I get the joys of the glucose test. Can't wait. Syke.

Here's the 27 week (bare) belly:

Please do NOT judge the belly button. Getting it pierced when I was 15... WORST decision I ever made.
And here's the 27 week (clothed) belly:

 So, Last week, the builders started with the foundation to our master bedroom and this week they are supposed to begin framing. Whahoo. Here's a little sneak peek of what's begun:

And once it's finished, we our room will have big windows to overlook this beautiful place:

It's crazy to see it all coming together. Our only trouble... RAIN. Since we planned to start, it's been raining non-stop. Hopefully this week will bring sunny weather and LOTS of construction. We will see. :)