the past two weeks

The past two weeks have been very eventful (to say the least). We began week 24 with the stomach bug and wrapped it up with a good check up at the doctor. We got to see Keaton's face and her side profile. She was being stubborn at the 20 week ultrasound and wouldn't show her face for anything. So, this past time, they did another just to make sure all was well... and it was. Here is the closest thing we have to knowing what she might (kinda) look like. The lower one is the 3D picture. She kept sucking her thumb and this was an in between thumb in and thumb out picture. :)

 The ultrasound was on a Wednesday and the very next day... Jeremy proposed. I must say... I had NO idea this was coming and definitely did not help in the picking out of the ring. I was so impressed. He and his mom did a wonderful job, if I must say so myself. I am in complete love. {With Jeremy, of course}  :)

That weekend was pretty busy soaking in all the excitement. And we began week 25 with the builders starting on the "add-on" of the house. I'm not a builder, so I don't know technical terms or the right way to say things... so, I'll say this: IT'S STARTED. And that's all I care about! :)

Here is our week 25 picture:
Then this week (26) began with Jeremy and I agreeing on the layout of the "west wing" (as he calls it) and 90% of the brick getting laid today. Whahoo. Now we just have to pray that some of this rain will hold off a little so we can continue working. We will see...

Here is our week 26 picture:

Here's to the past two weeks and I can't wait to see where we are in the next few... (:


fancy straps

A couple years ago, I had a family friend (Nikki) make me a camera strap. She did a fabulous job and I LOVED it. But over the years, it's gotten a little wear and tear on it. Not to mention... a little dingy looking from all love, sweat, and tears. Ha.

So, about a month ago (maybe more) I started a hunt for a new camera strap. I was looking for something fun, of course, but with more padding, a holder for my camera lens, and for it to be longer. I found something but like most things... it was back ordered for about a month. In fact, I kind of forgot about it until this fabulous-ness came in the mail today:

I am so excited to use it. Especially now that baby girl is on the way. I know my "big" camera will get pulled out a lot more frequently than it has in the past couple months. :)

Now, I have to convince Jeremy that it's co-ed... I mean, it is blue....


MY noah.

Well, Jeremy officially did it.

Valentine's day is NOT one of my favorite days of the year! Traditionally, (since college) Carly, Erica, and I would drink wine, watch The Notebook and dream about finding a guy as good as "Noah". Then talk about how movies just make us depressed because there is just no way possible there is anyone or any relationship as great as they make it in the movies... Ha. Since then, I've had my mind up Valentine's Day isn't a day I care to celebrate all romantic like. I'd even told Jeremy not to get me ANYTHING. No candy. No card with underlined words (like its supposed to mean more b/c their underlined). Nothing.

So, I start my day of normal. I'm driving to work, listening to the radio. They're talking about how today's the day most women get engaged. I thought to myself... poor guys. Having to live up to expectations some women set for this day. Anyway... make it into work and who gets the first delivery... ME. First flower delivery of the day goes to this girl!

I laughed. Rolled my eyes a little while reading the card. And thought... Jeremy! I had told him not to do anything, but he knew that even though I don't care to celebrate... I still LOVED every bit of it. He's always so thoughtful. Such a "hard" shell to break, but still a softy all at the same time.

Then later that day, (with many more details) right before heading to bed, he asks me if I'd marry him. Yes, if I.. ME... would marry HIM. I won't lie. I was SO shocked. No where when I began my day, did I ever think it could end up like this:

I could not be happier. And I love that with every step we take, he is always trying to start us new traditions. I may not have ever been a fan of valentine's day... but he sure has made it a day that I will always remember. And a good day at that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. (:


24 week happenings

Well, I finally had to take a day. I'm home sick with some sort of stomach bug and if you know me... I can only sit still and "rest" for so long... then I get bored. I don't feel like getting up out of bed so I'm limited to the computer. My apologies for being a rambler today. :)

This week started our 24th week. We go to the doctor today for our 7th ultrasound (hopefully) to see her sweet little face. Jeremy has been a sport. He has gone to almost every appointment, which can be hard for him depending on where he is working.  So I cut him some slack and I'm letting his mom go today to see her. She's so excited.

Keaton is moving around so much. In fact, I fall asleep with my hand on my belly just to feel her even more. She does get stage fright. Already like her mama. She will kick up a storm but the minute I go to let someone else feel her, she quits. Hopefully that will not last much longer. :)

Well, this past weekend my mom and I went to Gaffney to look at rugs for Keaton's room. Her room is going to have a little bit of every color. Hopefully it will have a modern vintage southern quilted appeal... if that makes any sense at all! :)

Here's the rug:

Then earlier this week, Erica and I sat down and made a few headbands... well, let's be honest. I didn't feel well, so I cut out the stuff Erica needed and she put it together for me so I didn't have to do much... :)

Here are Keaton's headbands:

Mommy and Keaton matching sets will be coming soon. I am SO excited. Jeremy is too. Ha.


22 & 23

This past Monday marked the beginning of our 23rd week. It's crazy to think how fast it's flown by and how we are already on the downhill slide to seeing our sweet girl. Here are pictures from the past couple weeks:

22 weeks on the top and 23 on the bottom.

And today... I saw my belly move as she was kicking. It's already such an amazing feeling when she moves, but to add actually seeing it, ahhh!!!!! :)


Monday's surprise!

Sweet baby girl's carseat strap covers and a matching burp cloth finally came in today!!!

Back in December, Erica and I went to Little Lamb's and Ivy and found the cutest "padalily":

So, of course I had to get the matching car seat strap covers and when I found the burp cloth, ah... "add it to my tab!" :)

I can't wait to watch these super cute things get spit up on, chewed on, drooled on and torn all apart from the washing machine... BUT all this cuteness will SO be worth it.



Last weekend, Jeremy spent time with the builders to talk about how to add the "master suite" or the "west wing" (as he calls it). They marked off where the addition would be and Jeremy moved his beautiful cedar post fence to make room for it. It feels so good to actually see it starting to take place.

So, this past Wednesday, Jeremy gave me some plans for me to draw out exactly how I want our room to look. Yeah, the plans he gave me, was a hand drawn square on a scratch sheet of paper that he drew in 1 second. I love his idea of creating something of his own. Until they start, it's my job to "draw up" the plans. And if you know me, I am NOT an artist. Right now, google is my best friend in trying to figure out exactly how I want this new room. We'll see...

Now, it's waiting time. And as things take place and the room progresses, I'll update our blog world... Until then, it's left to the imagination as to what it will look like. For you and ME. :)