We have WALLS

Today was the best SURPRISE in a while... we got WALLS. Well, not full walls, but the beginnings to walls!!!! And if you knew the process we've been taking... these are HUGE steps into getting this product finished!

 I woke up this morning disappointed as I listened to the rain on the roof, thinking, another day down with no work done. BUT thankfully, the sun came out and Jeremy's boys worked hard to get this done:
 It will have another entry way with closet, small room/office with closet, and our master suite! Yes, I just said closet in every part of this addition. If you saw the storage now... we currently have ONE, yes, ONE closet. No pantry. No linen closet. No coat closet. None of that. So, I'm trying to make it up in every way possible! :)
 Here is the entry to our bedroom! Eventually it will have beautiful french doors to lead the way into our master suite that will overlook his barn and fields! Ah. :)
I love productive days like today. I'm hoping for many more.

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