On August 7th, we went for our gender ultrasound. We were so anxious to find out what baby #2 was going to be. Jeremy had high hopes for a boy and I could take it either way!! So, when we sat down for that ultrasound, this is what we saw....

At 15 weeks, we found out our little peanut was a BOY!! We were beyond excited. How do we keep getting so lucky?? One of each! Life couldn't be any better!! 

Keaton can't wait to get a brother with his own pair of lumberjack boots!!

Meanwhile, I couldn't wait to get little man his first lumberjack shirt!!

Now, here are some pics to keep up to date on this growing belly! 

15 weeks and 15 week aunt!! 

16.5 weeks:

And our latest belly pic: 18 weeks. Craving bell peppers with a LOT of salt. :)

Yes. It's much bigger the second go round. I've definitely learned that's true!! This boy is such a mover. Already kicking like crazy and Jeremy has gotten to feel him too. We are going to have a wild man, I can tell already! (: