Daddy love

Jeremy secretly likes to play with Keaton's toys just as much as she does. (:


The house.

Jeremy worked so hard to get the house finished before Keaton arrived. However, some things just didn't get done. But this week, we finally finished the tub! And I took my first bath that night. So excited! 

Here's the rest of the bathroom. 

The best part... My closet! 

Besides this room, the next place I love... mine and Keaton's laundry!
And here's our little piece of heaven. 

Not only is he a good daddy, but he's a good man. And he sure has spoiled me. 

3 month old booger

On the first of September, Keaton turned 3 months old. How time has already flown. We are so blessed to have such a sweet little booger. She continues to sleep through the night (with the except of a couple nights here and there) and she has begun to really giggle. I could eat her up!!!

This is a picture of her just after she rolled over for the first time yesterday (9.7). Once she discovered this cool move, she did it about 5 more times. She just smiled. Makes this mama very, VERY proud. Now, we're going to try sitting up with a little support. We will see... Here's to another month of Keaton lovin'. (: