Keeping them contained.

So when these two goofballs get together, this is the best way to keep them contained:

like me...

This girl is like her mama... She LOVES clothes. Her eyes light up when she's in a store and just reaches out her hands to feel all the clothes on the racks. She smiles and jumps when we look through her own closet. This is bad news.... 


family love

This past Sunday we had a mini photo shoot of some of our "kid" cousins and our mamas with all their grands. It was precious!! 

After our photos, we did our typical Sunday fun:

She even checked out how she looked...

Houston and Wes practiced potty skills...

Erica got her cuddles:

We left Jojos and had some Lindler family fun. We played in our swing and went for a stroll.

The way he loves her, melts my heart. And each week, I look forward to these days. Our ONE day we relax!


What we do

One of our favorite things to do... Stare out the door and watch everything around us. She just takes in the world. 

In these moments, I have to capture us together. 

The way she smiles, melts my heart every time. I'm so blessed to be her mom. 



It NEVER fails. Sundays are always the best days. 

Today we got to join Caroline and Cory while they baptized sweet Charlee. She looked precious and from what I hear... Charlee did great. A few moments before the ceremony began Keaton leaked out of her diaper. Right onto my dress. Yay me. So, I stepped out to change her and missed the whole thing. Ugh. My luck. 

We went to JoJos like every Sunday. We ate and enjoyed this beautiful weather. 

We left and Keaton and I hit up the grocery store. Those trips are always fun. Especially when you have a 9 month old. Here's how we get by:

After we unloaded everything, we had a visitor. CaCa came by. And played. A lot. 

And as we wrap up our day, we discovered a FIFTH tooth from our little booger. Gracious. The wonderful gifts of God. :)


the simple life

Moments like this make my heart melt. 

And before we know it, she'll be too big to sit in our laps. Until then, I'm gonna take it in!!!