Keaton's kicks.

About two weeks ago to the day, I felt sweet Keaton move on the (outside). I was so excited. I tried to wake up Jeremy to feel it but he is such a hard sleeper, he wouldn't even budge. He was so out of it. Ha. I told him about it the next morning and he was so disappointed he missed it.

Thankfully, the next night she was moving all around. I rushed to get him and we sat with his hand on my belly. Eager to feel her sweet kicks. And... she did it! His face was so cute when he finally felt her. I think it finally became real to him that he could actually feel her move.

Since then, he puts his hand on my belly each night to see if he can feel our little girl. She's an active little thing and moves ALL the time. Erica, Meredith, and Matt finally got to feel her move this past week. It's such an amazing feeling and it's so neat to be able to share it with others. I can't wait to see her move across my belly as she grows.

Here's the past two weeks. 20-21 weeks.
It's growing!!!


NO snow.

Well, this weekend we were supposed to pack it all up and head to Boone to have a nice weekend in the mountains. Everyone else (for the most part) was planning to go skiing, but Erica and I knew we were going to be holding down the fort at home. Although we weren't going to do the fun stuff, we still wanted to "suit up" and play in the snow. So, we started brainstorming on where our ski clothes were and what to wear... then we remembered, we have NO shoes to wear in the snow. So, Erica did some good googling and found us these:

So, we grabbed our new boots, got all our gear together, packed the car with the kiddos and started our adventure to the mountains... only to find out the roads were bad all the way up. :(

After lots of debate... we turned around. Guess these babies are gonna have to wait til it snows here OR til next year's mountain weekend.


load ME up.

So, I began the adventure of diaper bag hunting... WOW. I can't believe I'm even saying those words. It's crazy to think of how different my shopping has now become because let's face it... I had a shopping addiction this past summer like you wouldn't believe. BUT I will appreciate all those cute outfits and clothes once this little bundle is here (if they will still fit). Until then, my shopping is solely for little Keaton and our new lives together.

So, first stop in making sure it's stylish... a multipurpose bag. To be used for diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, my own necessities: wallet, makeup, camera, iPad, Kindle, Laptop or WHATEVER I may need room for... I went on a man hunt and found this:
Missy Mint
It has removable compartments on the inside so I can rearrange any way I wish. I am so excited. I just hope I will love it as much in person as I did online. (:


healthy baby girl

Four weeks ago, Jeremy and I went ahead and made an appointment separate from our regular doctor to get an ultrasound to see what we were having. We were so anxious. We could hardly stand it. Of course they were running late...Jeremy's leg was going about 90 mph and I could only scroll through the FB mini-feed so many times before the lady finally called us back. When we found out... we told his mom. She was excited. Then I went to see my parents and asked them what they thought like the picture below. Erica drew a line through the one it wasn't. (Yes, Erica marked it out. Jeremy had to go back to work.) We also posted it to FB to see what everyone thought.

 Here was the verdict:
Then we went today to see our sweet baby girl, Keaton Lee Lindler. They checked all areas in her heart, brain, belly, etc. Everything checked out great. We were thrilled. She let us see everything on her EXCEPT her face. We tried to get her to turn our way or move her hands, but it didn't work. She was a busy little thing in there, though. She moved all around and we even watched her have the hick-ups. It was precious. On the bright side, we get ANOTHER ultrasound next time to check her profile. Kind of neat that we will have had 7 ultrasounds on this little bundle.

Here are some of her pictures from today:

In all this...We are truly blessed. :)


the belly

So, people usually ask me to NOT post my pictures until they can actually see something and well... I think I can see it poking out a LOT more! Here are my 18 and 19 week belly pics:

ps- please don't judge the "jammies". :)


irresistable sales

Now that we know sweet baby GIRL is on the way... it's hard to resist those end of the season sales for cute outfits for her during the holidays next year. One must purchase was this:

We can't wait to see our sweet girl in it next year. (:


comfortable love.

Jeremy and I decided it was time to retire his old bed and get us something we can sleep more comfortably in. We thought we could wait until he added onto his house, but someone (ah-hum, Jeremy) couldn't stand it any longer... So, I went out on a man hunt for new bedroom furniture. I took mom with me and we went to about every store in the Irmo/Columbia area. When we finally went to the last store, I fell in love with this:

So, we had it delivered yesterday. Jeremy and I spent our New Years night in our new bed. Let's just say it slept so good, we didn't get up til 10... and that NEVER happens in Mr. Lindler's house. :)