almost FULL term

Well, Saturday we had our first "scare".  I began having contractions while I was trying to put up some of her things we've had boxed up in the corner of the living room. I didn't think much of it because they come and go and have been for the last 5 weeks. BUT I noticed they were pretty close... so, I timed them. Yeah, they were 5 minutes apart and stayed that way for about 30 minutes. I put my feet up and they continued. I was determined Keaton was NOT coming and started to chug water. They finally slowed down to 10 minutes apart for about 2 hours. Then completely tapered off. Thank goodness. But in the midst of all this... worry came over me. I was NOT ready. I did not have her seat in the car, no bags were packed, I hadn't turned in my work FMLA stuff, Erica was at Kenny Chesney, mom and dad were out of town and the list goes on... Thank goodness she did NOT make her debut.

In the mean time, I finally took the time to do some of the things I hadn't. Like... make her bed. Now, we got it delivered this past Saturday morning and our room is still not finished. So, her bed is made but her room is NOT put together. Here's her bedding...

Then, I finally took the time to put her car seat in. It's weird seeing it ride around in the back of my car, but we cannot wait to put her sweet little self in it.

In the middle of all this, everyone keeps asking if we have the "addition" finished or if her nursery is put together. I haven't updated everyone on what the progress looks like, so here's my best shot. They finally finished all the wood on the walls this week. This is the office/other bedroom.

This is looking out our bedroom that will have french doors going in. You can see down the hallway that will connect to the current house. To the immediate right is a door to go outside and the second door is my laundry room for Keaton and I. Yes, I said it... MY laundry room. Jeremy has his in his mudroom, so we get to have our own. He's pretty good to us!
 Here is my favorite... our room.
It's coming along. BUT my favorite... the ceiling. It's just beautiful to me!! Tomorrow they are coming to finish the floors, put down tile in the bathroom and the laundry room and hopefully they will be installing doors and staining soon.  Crossing my fingers it will be done before her arrival. Talk about cutting it close... whew.

Oh, one last thing. Our 36 week picture:
I feel like you can really tell she is beginning to "drop". My belly feels so heavy and I have officially began the waddle. Well, a slight waddle. We've made it to 36 weeks. Only 4 more days and she is considered full term. We went to the doctor yesterday and he said everything was looking good. Her heartbeat was 140, she is head down and in position. I'm not dilated just yet and I have began my one week visits. It's crazy how fast this has (and has not) flown by. (:

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