healthy baby girl

Four weeks ago, Jeremy and I went ahead and made an appointment separate from our regular doctor to get an ultrasound to see what we were having. We were so anxious. We could hardly stand it. Of course they were running late...Jeremy's leg was going about 90 mph and I could only scroll through the FB mini-feed so many times before the lady finally called us back. When we found out... we told his mom. She was excited. Then I went to see my parents and asked them what they thought like the picture below. Erica drew a line through the one it wasn't. (Yes, Erica marked it out. Jeremy had to go back to work.) We also posted it to FB to see what everyone thought.

 Here was the verdict:
Then we went today to see our sweet baby girl, Keaton Lee Lindler. They checked all areas in her heart, brain, belly, etc. Everything checked out great. We were thrilled. She let us see everything on her EXCEPT her face. We tried to get her to turn our way or move her hands, but it didn't work. She was a busy little thing in there, though. She moved all around and we even watched her have the hick-ups. It was precious. On the bright side, we get ANOTHER ultrasound next time to check her profile. Kind of neat that we will have had 7 ultrasounds on this little bundle.

Here are some of her pictures from today:

In all this...We are truly blessed. :)

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