Weekend rambles

A couple weekends ago, my mom came and painted a dresser for little man. It turned out great and Keaton has already started storing her things in his space. (:

Nothing a coat of paint and new knobs can't fix. 

Today, Jeremy finally moved it back into the house. Little man has it in his room, but we are waiting on a LOT of other things. In time...

Til then, I am enjoying my girl!! Yesterday we ran errands. We had to make a stop by my moms and got a little Joanie love. 

Later that day, we had Eli's first birthday party. He was so cute. We captured one picture with the little fella. 

Excuse his hand gesture. We had NO CLUE! Hahahaha. 

Well, onto other rambles:

This week, I am 19 weeks. We go this coming Wednesday (20 weeks) to see little man in one more ultrasound. I can't wait to see how much more he has grown!! My belly sure proves it! It's already getting so big!! 

And no wonder it's growing so... All I crave is salty foods. Here's a fav:

Keaton has also found a love for some edamame. (:



On August 7th, we went for our gender ultrasound. We were so anxious to find out what baby #2 was going to be. Jeremy had high hopes for a boy and I could take it either way!! So, when we sat down for that ultrasound, this is what we saw....

At 15 weeks, we found out our little peanut was a BOY!! We were beyond excited. How do we keep getting so lucky?? One of each! Life couldn't be any better!! 

Keaton can't wait to get a brother with his own pair of lumberjack boots!!

Meanwhile, I couldn't wait to get little man his first lumberjack shirt!!

Now, here are some pics to keep up to date on this growing belly! 

15 weeks and 15 week aunt!! 

16.5 weeks:

And our latest belly pic: 18 weeks. Craving bell peppers with a LOT of salt. :)

Yes. It's much bigger the second go round. I've definitely learned that's true!! This boy is such a mover. Already kicking like crazy and Jeremy has gotten to feel him too. We are going to have a wild man, I can tell already! (:


Beach life

Last week I packed up Keaton and I and headed to the beach with my parents. It's always hard for Jeremy to go because of work, but I never pass up a chance to take my girl on an adventure! Here are some pics from the week. 

We had a blast. And cannot wait to go back next summer... With our 6 month old brother or sister. (: ha. 


Sundays and Mondays

We spent our Sunday at my grandmas as usual. Jeremy was an usher at church and did a wonderful job. Looked like a stud, of course. :) 

Keaton and I... Well, we got in a selfie before church. 

Later that day, Jeremy and I enjoyed some time on the swing. Like we do most nights... But I started a BAD habit:

I know this pregnancy is going to "show" very quick! It already is. And these late night cravings won't help. I am going to need to do better. 

10 week picture: already poking. Eek. 

Today (Monday) my mom came over to help refinish a desk and work on some other furniture as we get it ready for the new baby's room. Then later, Erica came with her kiddos. They enjoyed an afternoon playing. We even rode the Kabota to feed the rabbits and check on "jeh-mees" turkey eggs. They all piled up on the 4-wheeler pretending to drive. They were so cute. 

Days like these sure make me thankful to have a job where I can enjoy the sun, take time with all the kids and get things done around the house. I sure am not going to like August coming so quick! Back to reality. 


Rainy day bliss.

The simplicity of a one year old and all they need to be entertained: Warm weather, a little bit of sunshine, a drizzling rain and you have the perfect afternoon. 



So, about a month and a half ago we found out some big news...

Number 2 was on its way. At first Jeremy and I panicked. We weren't even trying and (at the time) Keaton wasn't even a year old. She wasn't even walking. Not out of diapers. Not even out of her crib! We were going to have TWO under TWO! 19 1/2 months apart to be exact. 

We couldn't believe it. Another little miracle headed our way. They say The Lord never gives you more than you can handle and boy are we hoping that's so! 

I went about two weeks ago to the doctor to see how far along we were. We were uncertain because of "irregular" periods since I had quit nursing Keaton. And when we saw this, we knew we couldn't be happier. 

Baby Lindler #2! In the picture: 7w 5d. 

We were not as far along as we thought which ended up finding out, we had us a 'honeymoon' baby. Nothing could have been more perfect. Heartbeat was healthy: 176. Baby looked great and all we were doing from here is letting him/her continue to grow. 

We were so excited we couldn't wait to announce to family and friends! 

You know, God has continued to bless is with amazing things. He gave us Keaton who has been a blessing from day one. She's a great baby. She goes to whoever, sleeps through the night, eats anything, isn't too fussy, listens (sometimes. Ha.) and we couldn't ask for more. So, we know this baby will be another wonderful blessing. We hope. (:

We keep hearing that if your first is good, stop there. Well, I guess we are going to test another theory. Here's to baby Lindler #2!


Beach bum.

This past week, we did one of my favorite things. We packed our bags and headed to Edisto. My other home. (: 

There's just something about Edisto that I love. And I want Keaton to grow up loving it just as much! 

We started our trip visiting some friends of mine who were also down for the week. They had a beautiful place beach front with a pool. Keaton loved it! 

The next few days, we did what we do best. Enjoyed the beach!!! 

Each day she got so worn out. It's hard being 1 and playing all day. :)