Weekend rambles

A couple weekends ago, my mom came and painted a dresser for little man. It turned out great and Keaton has already started storing her things in his space. (:

Nothing a coat of paint and new knobs can't fix. 

Today, Jeremy finally moved it back into the house. Little man has it in his room, but we are waiting on a LOT of other things. In time...

Til then, I am enjoying my girl!! Yesterday we ran errands. We had to make a stop by my moms and got a little Joanie love. 

Later that day, we had Eli's first birthday party. He was so cute. We captured one picture with the little fella. 

Excuse his hand gesture. We had NO CLUE! Hahahaha. 

Well, onto other rambles:

This week, I am 19 weeks. We go this coming Wednesday (20 weeks) to see little man in one more ultrasound. I can't wait to see how much more he has grown!! My belly sure proves it! It's already getting so big!! 

And no wonder it's growing so... All I crave is salty foods. Here's a fav:

Keaton has also found a love for some edamame. (:

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