Sundays and Mondays

We spent our Sunday at my grandmas as usual. Jeremy was an usher at church and did a wonderful job. Looked like a stud, of course. :) 

Keaton and I... Well, we got in a selfie before church. 

Later that day, Jeremy and I enjoyed some time on the swing. Like we do most nights... But I started a BAD habit:

I know this pregnancy is going to "show" very quick! It already is. And these late night cravings won't help. I am going to need to do better. 

10 week picture: already poking. Eek. 

Today (Monday) my mom came over to help refinish a desk and work on some other furniture as we get it ready for the new baby's room. Then later, Erica came with her kiddos. They enjoyed an afternoon playing. We even rode the Kabota to feed the rabbits and check on "jeh-mees" turkey eggs. They all piled up on the 4-wheeler pretending to drive. They were so cute. 

Days like these sure make me thankful to have a job where I can enjoy the sun, take time with all the kids and get things done around the house. I sure am not going to like August coming so quick! Back to reality. 

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